Mild Steel Fence

Mild Steel Fencing System for Playground & Park in KL & Klang Valley

We provide mild steel fence that is the best material to be install for playground, park, garden, parking lot, stadium and many other places in Malaysia, for greater protection. Clients can choose to customize mild steel fencing with any designs that you prefer to provide high quality and secured space boundary. Besides, our mild steel fence is made from strong resistant, rust resistant and weatherproof galvanized iron with high conscious of security protection. Our customize mild steel fencing comes with numerous designs such as bow top fencing or vertical bar fencing that will prohibit strangers to come in and create dangerous situation especially for children. 

Weatherproof & Galvanized Iron Fence Supply for Stadium in Malaysia

Feel free to contact or email our fencing installer in Kuala Lumpur now for free consultancy regarding mild steel fence and customize mild steel fencing for all types of buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor and other locations within Malaysia.